Bullets-Proof Laughter

  • Indiscipline
  • Sujets à vif
  • Programme B
The 2017 archive

Julien Mabiala Bissila and Adèll Nodé-Langlois

Created in 2017

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "Bullets-Proof Laughter", it will be valid for the second show of programme B "The same thing".

Bullets-Proof Laughter © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


“To go through the museum of the intimate takes time, which is often not enough. He who is in a hurry to have a child should marry a pregnant woman. You might be in a hurry in life, but your backside will never end up ahead.” African philosophy


Julien Mabiala Bissila
Trained as an actor by Jean Jules Koukou and Abdon Khoumba, Julien Mabiala Bissila was forced into exile during the Congo War. He escaped his years of wandering by writing Crabe rouge (Hommage aux disparus de Beach) [Red Crab (A Tribute to the Dead of Beach)], and founded the Nguiri-Nguiri Théâtre in 2002. A writer and director, he has been invited to perform at international festivals since 2009, and won the RFI Théâtre award in 2014 with Chemin de fer [The Iron Trail].


Adèll Nodé-Langlois
After starting her career as a dancer and trapeze artist, Adèll Nodé-Langlois created her first show ten years ago, giving birth to Antigone, her clown persona, going on tour in France and abroad. Since then, she has created several more shows (Carnets d'une voleuse [Diaries of a Thief], La Fascination du désastre [The Fascination of Disaster]) and has been teaching clowning at the Centre national des arts du cirque and at the Samovar in Bagnolet. She is currently working on a new solo, Sur la route du Styx [On the Way to the Styx].


Design and interpretation Julien Mabiala Bissila and Adèll Nodé-Langlois


Production Compagnie Nguiri-Nguiri Théâtre, Atelier 29
Co-production SACD, Festival d'Avignon

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