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Les Basongye De Kinshasa

Basokin © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


At once danceable and hypnotic, the music of Basokin comes from far away, rooted in a traditional society that has little to do with our modern cities. Yet a constant electric surge goes through it, that of distorted guitars, of saturated microphones, of heavy bass guitars. Basokin is first and foremost an aural experience, but also a visual shock, with its dancers whose bodies are covered in white marks, performing what might be a ritual or a popular African dance... Basokin is a child of Kinshasa, that sprawling, chaotic city, in whose polyglot racket each community remains strongly attached to its identity... Basokin tells of an unexpected Africa, at once mysterious and hedonistic, ancient and modern. With its traditional drums and its rock'n'roll energy, with its savannah rhythms and its urban textures, Basokin is an ambassador of this mutant Africa.



Stage design, costumes Basokin

With Chikito Duki Mukumbu, François Kalenga Nsomue, Dinga Kayembe Muteyi, Christelle Kuyinda Miezi, Pedro Mukenga Tshibumbu, Diesel Mukonkole Kapenga, Mopero Mupemba Lumbue, Muambuyi Ntumba Ngalula, Peuple Ngoyi Nkambua, Norbert Yempongo Kadiya


Production Mukalo Production
With the support of Sacem for the 71st edition of the Festival d'Avignon
Co-hosting Festival d'Avignon, Là ! C'est de la Musique
In partnership with France Médias Monde

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