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Presented by Michel Flandrin.

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L'INSTITUT BENJAMENTA (Institute Benjamenta)

“Do inner victories feed you?” – Robert Walser

Jacob von Gunten is from a good family. While nothing predestined him to attend the Institute Benjamenta, he decides to study there. In this school for domestic servants, he will learn obedience, self-effacement, submission, silence, and service, if not compliance. What pleasures can one find in this form of renunciation, in the wait for a good position? Who is this antihero, neither weak nor small, who has nothing to lose or gain, and isn't afraid to start over? Based on the novel by Robert Walser, with its masters and slaves, Bérangère Vantusso created a playground for her puppets. When the puppeteer is actually at the service of his character, and moves not for his own sake, but for the other's...


Bérangère Vantusso likes to work with others. By founding the Compagnie Trois-six-trente, she brought together puppets and actors to serve modern theatre. With Marguerite Bordat, she gives birth to hyperrealist creatures that seem almost alive and directs plays by authors like Maeterlinck, Eddy Pallaro, or Jon Fosse. She is the artist-in-residence at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille and the Scènes Vosges in Epinal, and is a member of the artistic ensemble of the CDN of Sartrouville. A laureate of the Hors les Murs programme in 2015, she has just come back from two months in Japan where she met the masters of the Bunraku, and will be creating Institute Balamenta for the 70th edition of the Festival d'Avignon.


Bérangère Vantusso


Production compagnie trois-six-trente

Coproduction Théâtre du Nord CDN Lille -Tourcoing Nord-Pas de Calais, Théâtre Olympia CDR Tours, Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines CDN, Scènes Vosges à Epinal, TJP CDN Alsace-Strasbourg, Théâtre Jean Arp, L'Hectare scène conventionnée de Vendôme.

Photo © Céline Bansart

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Bérangère Vantusso © DR