A share of the Orient

Kalila and Dimna: from eastern tales to la Fontaine’s Fables

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The 2016 archive
A share of the Orient © DR


The Indo-Persian talesof Kalila and Dimna reached Europe after being translated into Arabic, and ended up inspiring some of La Fontaine's fables. Four actors of the Comédie-Française compare and contrast this eastern literary tradition and its French legacy.


Adaptation and dialogues Adrien Dupuis-Hepner
With Sylvia Bergé, Alexandre Pavloff, Loïc Corbery, Didier Sandre of the Comédie-Française


Realization Comédie-Française
Co-realization Maison Jean Vilar, Festival d'Avignon, Institut du monde arabe

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Maison Jean Vilar © DR


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