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With la Compagnie des Indes, l’Ina, France Télévisions

Avignon / Created in 2015

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The audiovisual treasures that constitute the memory of the Festival d'Avignon since its creation in 1947 are not well-known, apart from some select pieces. Yet we have at our disposal an impressive collection of films, documentaries, and live recordings. Beyond their historic value, they serve to chronicle this crazy adventure, to help us understand the aesthetic evolutions, the political choices, and the artistic legacy of the first 68 years of one of the most important and longest-running cultural manifestations in the world. Those screenings might also just be a moment of pleasure, an opportunity to discover a show we missed or to relive a key moment. From 4 to 25 July, between two and three screenings every day, one in the morning and one or two in the afternoon, based on the length of the recordings, for a total of about forty screenings. Exceptional events also enlive this programme, such as for instance a screening of the entirety of Thomas Jolly's Henry VI, presented in 2014 at the FabricA. Some screenings tie directly into the programme of this year's Festival and its artists, like Thomas Ostermeier, Olivier Py, Valère Novarina, or Patrice Chéreau, with the exhibition of the Collection Lambert.


In partnership with Compagnie des Indes, Culturebox, Institut national de l'audiovisuel and the participation of BnF-Maison Jean Vilar.



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