Les Origines de Wielopole Wielopole les origines


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A tribute to Tadeusz Kantor

Les Origines de Wielopole Wielopole les origines © DR


A hundred years ago, in the city of Wielopole, Poland, was born Tadeusz Kantor, avant-garde artist, director, happening organiser, painter, scenographer, novelist, founder of the theatre Cricot 2 in Krakow, creator of the “Theatre of death”. This major figure in theatre history is seen as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. 

The exhibition Les Origines de Wielopole Wielopole les origines (The Origins of Wielopole Wielopole the Origins) pays tribute to this great artist. With the help of photographs, you will enter the Poor Room of the Imagination, a space tirelessly rebuilt by the evocation of memory where everyday objects, transformed and manipulated by the artist, at once concentrate and reveal the minutest events of his private life and the great tragedies of the 20th century, of which Tadeusz Kantor was a sensitive and outraged witness.


Curators Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska, Bogdan Renczyński et Marie-Thérèse Vido-Rzewuska


Organised by the Société historique et littéraire polonaise-Bibliothèque polonaise de Paris and the Cricoteka-Centre for the documentation of the art of Tadeusz Kantor in Krakow under the patronage of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in France
With the Festival d'Avignon
In collaboration with the Festival Passages in Metz, and the Filature Scène nationale of Mulhouse
Thanks to Mr Martin Stein of the Hôtel de La Mirande and to Michelle Kokosowski

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