Et quand le soleil était au zénith, une voix transperçait le ciel...

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The 2015 archive

Katia Guedes and Pedro Kadivar

Created in 2015

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "Et quand le soleil était au zénith…", it will be valid for the second show of programme C "Allonger les toits"

Et quand le soleil était au zénith, une voix transperçait le ciel... © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


(...) To think that primitive men opened their mouths not by chance, and that they sang not by chance, but because they had to speak in order to exist and to sing in order to breathe. And maybe to think that within us still exists sometimes that feeling of saying the first word ever to an empty landscape, to sing for the first time ever in front of a burning sky. And to think yet that there was the childhood of man, of all men, that there is my childhood and yours, that there was the irruption of speech and the emergence of singing at the dawn of the world. And that every time a man says something, his voice carries this original silence and echoes the cries of primitive men, and that singing is at once the impossibility to say and the celebration of the human voice. (...) Pedro Kadivar


Conception, text and direction Pedro Kadivar 
Singing, sonic and musical composition Katia Guedes 


Production Abolition des frontières – Cie Pedro Kadivar, Cie Bande d'Art et d'Urgence
Coproduction SACD - Festival d'Avignon  

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