Dark Circus

after Pef

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Vendôme / Created in 2015

Dark Circus © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


“Come one, come all, be unhappy!” This message echoes through the streets of a black and white city whose inhabitants come to the circus to get sadder. In the centre of the dark circus tent, a sinister ringmaster introduces a series of ever more tragic acts. The Dark Circus is the negative genesis of the joy brought by the circus of our collective childhood. Born within Pef's mind and handed over to STEREOPTIK, it proves entertaining, thanks to a caustic cruelty reminiscent of ancient gladiatorial games. However, a juggler, as unlucky as the acrobats, trapeze artists, and tamers who've come before him, drops a red ball out of his hat. It turns out to be the discordant note, the flashy touch of colour everyone was secretly waiting for. The unavoidable destiny of this circus is upended. Magic enters the ring, finding its place alongside the virtuosity of Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet, who animate instruments, puppets, and shadows. Thanks to the film that is created under their eyes by the drawing and music, the audience once again feels the wonder that fills the hearts of children when they hear a drum roll.

Born in 1939, Pierre Elie Ferrier has worked as a journalist, as a perfume salesman, and as a racecar test driver, before publishing his first book, dedicated to his grandmother, who he claims held even weirder jobs (Me, My Grandmother..., 1978). A writer and a cartoonist, this rambler whose first love is for the wind and clouds uses the pen name Pef for the many books he writes. In 1980, he created the now wildly famous Prince de Motordu, the hero of a series of children's books filled with puns and other linguistic stunts. In 2014, Gallimard published Pef's second book for adults.


After an original story of Pef 
Artistic collaboration Frédéric Maurin

With Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet 


Coproduction L'Hectare Scène conventionnée de Vendôme, Théâtre Jean Arp Scène conventionnée de Clamart, Théâtre Le Passage Scène conventionnée de Fécamp, Théâtre Épidaure-Bouloire – Cie Jamais 203
With the support of the Théâtre de l'Agora Scène nationale d'Évry et de l'Essonne, L'Échalier Saint-Agil, Théâtre Paris-Villette, MJC Mont-Mesly Madeleine Rebérioux-Créteil
Dark Circus bénéficie d'une aide à la production du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Centre-Val de Loire et de la Région Centre-Val de Loire

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