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The 2015 archive

Frédéric Ferrer and Simon Tanguy

Created in 2015

Please note that if you buy a ticket for "Allonger les toits", it will be valid for the second show of programme C "Et quand le soleil était au zénith…"

Allonger les toits © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Born in 1770 in England, James Tilly Matthews, the first case of schizophrenia ever diagnosed and studied, wrote a journal throughout his interment. He was the subject of trailblazing works, such as a monograph by doctor Haslam, which reused Matthews's theories about influencing machines and the creation of events of which he believed he was a victim. Based on his illustrated notes about the various plots and the strange energy beams he thought were directed at him, Frédéric Ferrer and Simon Tangy offer a new reading of the effects observed by doctor Haslam. But when their words and their bodies start meddling with the questions they're discussing, the conference gets out of hand and they start fully experiencing what they're talking about.


conception and interpretation Frédéric Ferrer and Simon Tanguy 


Production Compagnie propagande C, compagnie Vertical Détour
Coproduction SACD - Festival d'Avignon 

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