Woyzeck, ou L'Ébauche du vertige

loose adaptation of "Woyzesk" by Georg Büchner

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Josef Nadj

Woyzeck, ou L'Ébauche du vertige © DR


According to Josef Nadj, Woyzeck, Büchner's unfinished play, had long been “an enigma placed on his path” for him. He confronted it in 1994 in Woyzeck, or the Outline of Vertigo cultivating the repetitive and fragmentary potential that emanates from the four rough outlines Büchner wrote before his death. A vision of the decomposition that takes over bodies and minds, this play at the boundaries of theatre, mime and dance is an obsessive questioning on human nature and the inexorable course of destiny. Josef Nadj was associate artist at the  Festival d'Avignon in 2006.


free adaptation of Woyzeck by Büchner
conception and choreography Josef Nadj
music Aladar Racz
lighting Raymond Blot

with Guillaume Bertrand, Istvan Bickei, Denes Debrei, Samuel Dutertre, Peter Gemza, Josef Nadj, Henrieta Varga


production Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans
coproduction Théâtre National de Bretagne (Rennes)

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