Strangling time

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The 2013 archive

Boris Charmatz

Etrangler le temps © Agnès Mellon


  "As a tribute to Odile Duboc, Boris Charmatz and Emmanuelle Huynh have freely drawn their inspiration from the choreography of the duo bolero 2  (from the show the three boleros created in 1996 by Odile Duboc and Francoise Michel) in order to come up with yet another partition emanating  from their memories which leans on the slow music of Maurice Ravel.
The elusiveness of one single evening leads to the desire for a moment frozen in time: endless and delicate as a powerful dance in which the  bodies only move to each other's footprints and memories.
Afterwards, they will interpret the original version of the bolero 2 choreography. "


performance Boris Charmatz, Emmanuelle Huynh
lighting Yves Godin
sound Olivier Renouf


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