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The 2013 archive

Heidi & Rolf Abderhalden / Mapa Teatro and Guy Cassiers

Orlando © DR


Passionate about literature, Guy Cassiers has co-adapted the fantastic and unclassifiable novel by Virginia Woolf, and has transformed it into a solo performance for the Flemish actress Katelijne Damne, incarnating by turns Orlando and his biographer. Orlando is a coming-of-age novel that crosses periods, genres and literary codes: it tells the story of Orlando, a young man who becomes a woman, whose trajectory begins in the Elizabethan period and ends at the start of the 20th century. In a moving set design, in which all the visual mastery of Guy Cassiers' theatre is exercised, it is an ode to life, to imagination and the senses that is sung here. Since 2006, Guy Cassiers has presented six shows at the Festival d'Avignon.


direction and scenography Guy Cassiers
text Virginia Woolf
translation in Dutch Gérardine Franken
adaptation and costumes Katelijne Damen
dramaturgy Erwin Jans
artistic collaboration Luc De Wit
video Frederik Jassogne
lighting Giacomo Gorini
sound Diederik De Cock

with Katelijne Damen


production Toneelhuis
with the support of Autorités flamandes

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