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The 2013 archive

Sasha Waltz

Created in 2013

Dialoge 20-13 © Agnès Mellon


For the choreographer Sasha Waltz, the interdisciplinary projects Dialoge are intensely creative work platforms. “What interests me”, she says, “is having the greatest freedom possible in art, and not being subject to limitations of form and content.” These encounters between visual artists, musicians and dancers are therefore so many celebrations of the moment of creation, of free energy and improvisation and the pure joy of experimentation. For Avignon, Sasha Waltz, accompanied by a few of her dancers, will meet the French artist GIOM/Guillaume Bruère and the Turkish bassoon player Burak Özdemir. She has already presented five shows at the Festival d'Avignon.


with Sasha Waltz & Guests, GIOM/Guillaume Bruère, Burak Özdemir (in progress)


Dialoge 20-13 is part of the programme for the 20th anniversary of the dance ensemble Sasha Waltz & Guests which was named EU-Cultural Ambassador for the year 2013.


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