Sonata Hamlet

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The 2012 archive

Mitia Fedotenko and François Tanguy

Sonata Hamlet © DR


“All[ways] at war with this world that does not need us to satisfy its consumer causes. Nothing... [new]. I am proposing to François Tanguy to create a manifesto that tackles the question of the individual caught in the jaws of the rational and that of the line that separates him from the world of consumption. Hamlet Sonata, our first collaboration, mostly takes its inspiration from Hamletmachine by Heiner Müller. Role-playing with body states, a body that mutates, that tries to clear itself a passage in a world with which it is in profound disagreement.”
Mitia Fedotenko


conception, choreography and interpretation Mitia Fedotenko
circumstances François Tanguy
music Bertrand Blessing
sound Frédéric Marolleau

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