by Sam Holcroft

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The 2011 archive

Jean-Pierre Vincent

"Cancrelat" has been published by éditions Théâtre Ouvert/Tapuscrit. This mise en espace will be recorded by France Culture.

Crancrelat © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


The classroom of Beth, a biology teacher. The students shout, fight, break windows and doors... Outside, war is raging. In moments of calm, the teacher has them revise "ovulation," "natural selection," and teaches them, for example, that the organisms who have the greatest survival expectancy are not necessarily the strongest but those that most readily adapt to their environment, like cockroaches. How are the living going to escape from this nasty story?

Sam Holcroft started her career at the age of 20, in 2003, by joining the group of young playwrights of the Traverse Theatre of Edinburgh. In 2005, she was chosen to take part in the 50th anniversary celebration of the Royal Court Theatre. Since 2006, she has written 10 plays. Cancrelat was performed by Sophie Loucachevsky, in the framework of an exchange between the Traverse Theatre and Théâtre Ouvert, in partnership with the Maison Antoine Vitez.


text Sam Holcroft
mise en espace Jean-Pierre Vincent
translation Sophie Magnaud
with the cooperation of Bernard Chartreux, Alain Poisson

with Suzanne Aubert, Daphné Biina Nwanak, Sébastien Chassagne, Chloé Chaudoye, Julien Frégé, Sophie Magnaud, Julie Pilod



coproduction Compagnie Studio Libre / avec la participation artistique du Jeune Théâtre national et du PSPBB-École supérieure d'Art dramatique de la Ville de Paris
avec le soutien du Traverse Theatre (Édimbourg) et du British Council

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