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The 2010 archive

Cindy Van Acker


Lanx © Christophe Raynaud de Lage

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Lines divide the stage. The body, like a continuous current of gestures and movements, collides with the caustic geometry that tightly encircles it or responds to it, in a play of echoes and extensions. The subtle variations in sound, light and choreography succeed in transforming the space, redefining it as illusion until it releases the body from its hold. Embracing the floor, Cindy Van Acker interprets a virtuoso piece horizontally.

In a simple grammar, alternating extremely slow movements and rapid almost sliding sequences, Tamara Bacci explores a constant movement, the object of tiny and infinite variations. A free fall choreographed on the floor, on which the body executes or clearly is subject to a cycle of contractions and releases, of control and abandon.


choreographer Cindy Van Acker
sound designer Mika Vainio (Lanx), Denis Rollet (Obvie)
light Luc Gendroz (Lanx), Denis Rollet (Obvie)
scenographer Lanx Line Fontana, Cindy Van Acker
scenographic realisation Victor Roy
costumes designer Aline Courvoisier

with Cindy Van Acker (Lanx),
Tamara Bacci (Obvie)


coproduction Lanx Cie Greffe, Festival Électron Genève
coproduction Obvie Association Circonstances, ADC Genève
avec le soutien de Pro Helvetia-Fondation suisse pour la Culture et de Corodis



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