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The 2010 archive

Rodolphe Burger


Concert Dessiné © Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Going deeper into the experience that originated in 2009 at the International Comic Book Festival of Angoulême, Charles Berberian and Philippe Dupuy invest the Cour d'honneur to outline Rodolphe Burger's music. Major authors of the contemporary comic book with atypical backgrounds, illustrators for the press and the publishing world, poster artists, they have taken up the wager of directly drawing what the compositions being played on stage inspire in them. Accom?panied by his loyal collaborators, the bassist Julien Perraudeau and the drummer Alberto Malo, as well as Erik Truffaz on the trumpet, Rodolphe Burger deploys within the walls of the Palais des papes his elegant and haunted rock, which naturally calls forth images. Projected on a large screen, the drawing is done in real time, during the piece, and is renewed with each song. The music carries along everyone's hands, those of the musicians as well as those of the illustrators. We are present at a dual improvisation. That of the stage, where the concert is woven, replies to that of the drawing board, at which Dupuy and Berberian work with four hands, armed with a friendship of over 25 years. Each of them enters the music, no one leaves the drawing: the two artforms communicate, question each other, comment on each other, illustrate each other, relaunch each other. Sometimes, everything even seems to dance, as if the music were crossing the stage to look for a body or a particular pencil line. And therein lies all the magic of this spectacular concert. ADB


vocals, guitar Rodolphe Burger
bass, keyboard Julien Perraudeau
drums Alberto Malo
trumpet Erik Truffaz
drawings Charles Berberian, Philippe Dupuy
lighting Christophe Olivier
sound designer Philippe Dubich
video mixing Fabien Morelet


coproduction by Compagnie Rodolphe Burger, Wart, Scène nationale de Sète et du Bassin de Thau
with the support of the Sacem and the help of the Fnac

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