Description d'un combat

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The 2009 archive

Maguy Marin

Rillieux-la-Pape / Created in 2009

Description d'un combat © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon

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It is difficult to describe a show that still does not have, in this month of April, at the moment the Festival programme is being written, a name or a definitive intention. This “2009 premiere” takes this risk: it is about a month and a half before the first performance that “it starts to appear”, asserts Maguy Marin, who likes and looks for that fever when “everything ignites very quickly in the final weeks”. It is undoubtedly this energy, that of the last moment, that drives her, an ardour that she then attempts to share with her company, then with the spectators. Before, the choreographer “refuses to name things” and it seems fitting here to respect what is for her a creative process, a dance manufactured through gradual infusion then rapid combustion. All that we know is that there will be nine artists on stage, old-timers from the Centre chorégraphique national of Rillieux-la-Pape or more recent arrivals who have come from dance, the circus arts or have simply taught themselves about bodies in movement. They have already read all the texts on the performance, they have worked on them at the table. They have also watched burlesque films and have questioned themselves on the mechanical play of bodies that, sometimes, elude the human, on laughter as an uncontrolled expression of the shadowy depth that slumbers in us. There is also, at the heart of this constantly evolving work, a lyrical ambition, the will to create a narrative, a desire for an epic. This construction through strata, through layers gradually deposited, will give birth to a show, when everything will accelerate, shortly. Then, there will be a title and this show will become ours. ADB


conception and realisation: Maguy Marin
în close collaboration with the company
lighting: Alexandre Béneteaud
sound: Antoine Garry
costumes: Montserrat Casanova
with: Ulises Alvarez, Yoann Bourgeois, Peggy Grelat-Dupont, Sandra Iché, Matthieu Perpoint, Jeanne Vallauri, Vania Vaneau, Agustina Sario, Vincent Weber


coproduction: Centre chorégraphique national de Rillieux-la-Pape/cie Maguy Marin, Festival d'Avignon, Théâtre de la Ville-Paris, MC2 Grenoble
Le Festival d'Avignon reçoit le soutien de l'Adami pour la production



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