L'Effet de Serge

The 25th Hour

by Philippe Quesne

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Philippe Quesne


L'Effet de Serge © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Philippe Quesne created his first show La Démangeaison des ailes (Itching Wings) in 2003, a “revue-show” about the experience of flying and falling, played – or rather incarnated – by a few faithful followers (including the dog Hermes) brought together in the Vivarium Studio company. On a stage cluttered with the remains of today, Philippe Quesne, 37 years old, gives free rein to his inspiration. He has a fertile imagination, developed from concrete cases from daily life. His training as a plastic artist and his profession as a scenographer (which he exercised for about 10 years) are replayed on stage for each of his creations. The occupation of space and the miming of the arts are two characteristics of this stagecraft that Philippe Quesne wanted to be like a laboratory of extreme situations of the ordinary, a radical development of small experiments of urban and suburban melancholy. D'après Nature (After Nature), in 2006, established the emergence of Vivarium Studio on the French and international stage, in which the 7 members play the end of the world like a musical comedy in a tempered milieu.
At the Festival d'Avignon, Philippe Quesne presented, in the framework of the Vingt-cinquième heure, Des Expériences (Experiences) in 2004.

Sometimes poignant about solitude, Serge's Effect is not at all a tragedy of modern life. Serge, a solitary being, has however friends for whom he organizes, each Sunday, one to three-minute shows using special effects in which he demonstrates, with cold humour, the scope of his poetic imagination. Between the melancholic inventor's solitude and the friendship of his circle of patient spectators, a strange territory emerges, very contemporary in what it says about the obsession of a character absorbed by his research, and moving because it shows a fervent desire to share which can be nothing but a source of disillusion.


production: Vivarium Studio 2007
coproduction: Ménagerie de verre-Paris dans le cadre des résidences
avec le soutien: du Forum - Scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil et du festival actOral de montévidéo (Marseille)

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