Yukiza Puppet Theatre Tsuna-Yakata and Honcho-Nijyushiko

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Frédéric Fisbach

Théâtre de marionnettes Youkiza © Christophe Raynaud de Lage / Festival d'Avignon


Traditional Japanese Yukiza puppet theatre was set up by Yuki Magasoburo I in the early Edo period, the 17th Century. More than 370 years later, Magosaburo XII is the puppet master of the company from Tokyo. At the Festival, they will be performing extracts from two traditional pieces. Tsuna-Yakata (The House of Tsuna) which recounts the battle between the chief of the Tsuna clan and a demon who, disguised as an old lady, gets in to Tsuna's House and retrieves his arm, which the warrior had cut off in a previous clash. In Honcho-Nijyushiko (Fox lights in the Inner Garden), a young girl is only able to meet her lover, the son of a rival family, through the magical power of a helmet dedicated to a god who appears in the form of a fox.


stage direction Compagnie de théâtre de marionnettes Youkiza
avec les marionnettistes: Youki Magosaburo, Youki Chie de la compagnie de théâtre de marionnettes Youkiza


avec le soutien :du ministère de la Culture japonais

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