Disco Pigs

by Enda Walsh

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The 2004 archive

Thomas Ostermeier


A boy and a girl face off against life and knock out utopias with fierce energy.

Disco Pigs, Thomas Ostermeier, 2004 © Bellamy


They are at an age where they are all fury and show. Pig and Runt are in a boxing ring and they punch out words of love, joy and anger like a rock'n roll band. A boy and a girl face off against life and knock out utopias with fierce energy. Inseparable friends, incurable lovers, self-adopted twins – to the rhythm of a wild drummer who is also on stage, two story-tellers, street-wise rebels, they toss obscenities around in their own brand of slang. Over-fed on television serials, weaned off the teat of industry, over-fed on digital gadgets, Pig and Runt explode their seventeen years on a perfectly placed rhythm section, in an explosive clinch and in confrontation with the audience. They are still so close to childhood - that savage island where money, career and friendships based on self-interest are forced to lie low by the birth of an idyll, the flame of a great ideal. Wearing their youth slung across their chests, it seems that nothing can stop these teenagers. Born the same day, at the same time, no danger is a threat to their complicity. Time is on their side, they are at the age where everything is possible, where you can try out anything, invent anything, refuse anything, take a taxi to the beach just for fun and sit in front of Bay Watch the next day. But time calls an abrupt halt to their childish dreams. And so, in a last dance, they dream about that lost childhood, like a paradise lost, with the euphoria of a last chance. A theatrical performance as rock concert.


Direction Thomas Ostermeier
Cast Bibiana Beglau, Marc Hosemann
Percussions Thomas “Danny-Boy” Witte
German translation Ian Galbraith
Version of the Baracke am Deutschen Theater (Berlin)
Live electronic Jörg Gollasch
Assitant director Rachel West


Coproduction Baracke am Deutschen Theater (Berlin), Deutsches Schauspielhaus (Hambourg), reprise par la Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Berlin)
Droits de représentation Verlag Felix Bloch Erben Berlin

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