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The 2003 archive

Michel Schweizer

France / Created in 2003


Rather than actors, dancers and professional performing artists, Michel Schweizer prefers service providers and suitable profiles. The choreographer brings together unusual personalities under the principle of the Team Managment System: “an efficient team is made up of people whose work preferences are complementary.” He works on awakening consciences which are content in their blindness and their habits, which here are “scanned”. He delocalises what is real, to change the way people see. Laced with acidic irony, the instigator considers that a theatre performance only has a meaning if it restores the relationship between the beings who share it. Michel Schweizer invites the audience to choose their own role. As soon as he enters into the place, different status' are offered to the spectator who can take part in the experience. Everyone is then free to recognise oneself and/or to fit into any particular “profile” to appreciate, with personal service, what is privileged and what is not. At the end, the object which is represented, the “product” – as essential as it may be – is of secondary importance. Scan relies over and above all on the attempt to call into question the global system of a spectacular project: what is the creator's legitimacy ? Who decides how this questioning should circulate ? After having taken a course in management, 44 year-old Michel Schweizer, uses the glossary and costume of the perfect manager to be better able to dissect the automatisms of cultural production and to give a new perspective on - not without obvious humour, but without kid gloves - the place of artists and of those who listen to them.


by :Michel Schweizer
a team :Nicolas Barillot, Ben Benaouisse, Odile Béranger, Éric Blosse, Renaud Cojo, Sandrine-Esther Darmon, Sèverine Garat, Anna Juvander, Didier Lagassan, Thierry Perceval, Michel Schweizer, Franck Tallon, Patrick Veyssière (recrutement en cours)
our provision of service: Design and management, reliefs (visuels / graphisme), ambiances lumineuses, sonographie, prêt-à-porter, création espaces accueil, creative troublemaker, hardware and software


des investisseurs: la coma, Espace Malraux-Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Centre national de la Danse, Théâtre national de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, Relais culturel Château Rouge (Annemasse), Le Cuvier de Feydeau (Artigues)
des partenaires: Fondation Beaumarchais, Ateliers Lumière Sud-Ouest Son, Groupe Novax

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