L'Histoire de Ronald, le clown de McDonald's (The story of Ronald, the McDonald's Clown)

by Rodrigo García

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The 2003 archive

Rodrigo García



Growing up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Rodrigo García was set to become a butcher like his father. But he tore himself away from Argentina, and worked in Madrid in advertising. In 1989, he founded his company, the Carnicería Teatro (The Butcher's Shop Theatre). In the post-Franco era in Spain, he caused a stir, combined his writing with an approach of a visual artist and video film-maker, and worked on the representation of a society trapped in its rottenness. Acclaimed at the last Avignon Festival with After Sun and Je Crois que Vous M'Avez Mal Compris, this agitator is becoming the most often-played foreign writer in France. His plays delve into the innards of a bulimic West, governed by the laziness of its consumerist habits and family despotism. In this play, Ronald the Clown, the emblem of fast-food outlets and globalisation, burns books and laughs in the face of an anaemic society drained of its resources by its excesses. With a complacent eye and unshakeable smile, Ronald is at the prow of a world organised around the ingestion and evacuation of surplus. Lakes of milk or wine or coca-cola lay on the stage. Three actors lie around on it,
half-naked. Brand names, political propaganda like manipulative advertising are the steeds in a new battle that the author and director wages with humour, in an experiment that does nothing in moderation.


a proposal by :Rodrigo García
stage direction Rodrigo García
performed by :Rubén Ametllie, Juan Loriente, Juan Navarro
with the participation of: Nieves, Candela, Yago and a brass band
lighting :Carlos Marquerie
music :Panasonic, Juan Navarro
costumes :Mireia Andreu
t-shirts :Jaume Martinez and Mecánica.com (Barcelona)
video :Rodrigo García
projections :Ramón Diage and Maelstrom.com


Coproduction :Citemor 2002 (Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal), La Carnicería Teatro (Madrid), INAEM, Ville de Madrid
Avec le soutien de :l'Onda pour les surtitres
Texte français publié par: les Solitaires Intempestifs

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