Le Fou et sa Femme ce soir dans Pancomedia (The Madman and his Wife Perform This Evening in Pancomedia)

by Botho Strauss

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The 2002 archive

Jean-Pierre Vincent



Sixteen actors, twenty-five years-old on average, all students from the Regional Actors School in Cannes, throw themselves without compunction into the sarcastic world and the shattered universe of the sharp scripts of German author Botho Strauss. Of course they do this under the watchful and professional eye of director Jean-Pierre Vincent. Like dancers on a stage with the most simple and sparse decor, their energy radiates a rare vitality within a theatrical work of fiction and irony which puts contemporary society in the stocks. These young, virtuoso, firey men and women on the stage, shoulder the mistakes of the vanquished, and for ephemeral instances, the denials of those who have been broken by money and deserted by love. For Jean-Pierre Vincent who dreamed, in his time, of another revolution, Strauss, sketches a candid portrait in the play of a shapeless humanity, purged and as if emptied of feeling. Sketches of beings without depth. Polaroids of individuals dried up by an exhausting daily life. A bitter observation. Nonetheless, laughter persists here, tucked away in the tumbling flow of warning scenes hidden away under the luxury sheath of a hotel where unusual visitors wander, unseen behind the cavalcade of some twenty-four characters in this story. Laughter, a life without an heir, a life where nobody can stand anybody else. A caricature of daily life, common to all and born by all as much as it is detested.


translation Bernard Chartreux, Eberhard Spreng, Jean-Pierre Vincent
stage direction Jean-Pierre Vincent

with the third-year-students of the Érac : Arnaud Aldigé,
Karim Ben Haddou, Xuan Dao, Sandrine Debernardi, Alexandre Durand,
Leslie Evrard, Stéphane Gasc, Laetitia Giraud, Alexandre Ladroit,
Erwann-Kwami Leduc, Alexandre Le Nours, Edith Merieau,
Houda Nelson, Macha Petina, Adrien Sourdot, Nadège Taravellier
and Philippe Crubézy, Pierre Gondard, Alexandra Tobelaim
dramaturgy: Bernard Chartreux
set design: Jean-Paul Chambas
costumes: Fabrice Chiaramelli
lighting: Alain Poisson
sound : Jean-Pierre Vincent, Pierre Godefroy
assistant director : Alexandra Tobelaim
assistant set design : Carole Metzner
assistant costumes : Christiane Crochat


Coproduction : École régionale d'acteurs de Cannes (ÉRAC), Compagnie Studio Libre, Institut supérieur des Techniques du spectacle (ISTS),
Système Friche Théâtre
Texte publié à : l'Arche éditeur

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