by Jalila Baccar, d’après Chronique d'un discours schizophrène de Néjia Zemni

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The 2002 archive

Fadhel Jaïbi



Junun, a play directed by Tunisian Fadhel Jaïbi, is first and foremost the story of a fountain of words which ricochet incessantly, from necessities to desires, before they tumble on to the theatre stage. First there are those which are stifled and poetic, belonging to Nun, a young schizophrenic who is cared for for years by a psycho-analyst. Then there is the tale of the cure at the hands of the young woman doctor. Finally, there is the adaptation for the stage of the book by Jalila Baccar.There is the performance, an exemplary one, which places the public in the very centre of the eye of the cyclone. It seats us in the heart of the theatre, the place, par excellence, which sees the word born and start speaking, and leads us into the most intimate part of human identity, when it begins to frazzle and break under repeated assaults of dementia. Then, made sublime by art and made magnificient by the theatre, this spiral of phrases returns like a boomerang, restored in its multiple truths by the actors, reaching out to us like a mirror, by an offensive staging of the play. The voyage is exciting, creeping into an exceptional relationship built between a young man who is lost in his interior world and a feisty psycho-therapist who does not hesitate in joining him in his daily misery. We plunge into the middle of a broken and violent family, an image of Tunisian society which, however, knows how to laugh at its extremity. This is a play that leaves its mark on the audience, a performance that seizes the living in such a way, and puts it down, as honestly as possible, in the space-time of the theatre.


stage direction Fadhel Jaïbi
cast: Kais Aouididi, Jalila Baccar, Mohammed Ali Ben Jemaa,
Fatma Ben Saidane, Besma Eleuch, Najoua Jendoubi, Karim kefi,
Salha Nasraoui
adaptation and dramaturgy : Jalila Baccar, Fadhel Jaïbi
stage design: Kays Rostom
artistic collaboration :Nawel Skandrani
music: Pivio, Aldo de Scalzi
assistant director: Narjess Ben Ammar


Coproduction :Familia Productions, Théâtre de la Ville de Tunis
Avec l'aide :du ministère tunisien de la Culture
En collaboration avec : le Festival international des théâtres francophones en Limousin
Avec le soutien :de l'Onda pour les surtitres
Le livre "Chronique d'un discours schizophrène" est publié aux éditions

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