Families of Free Scenes

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The 1999 archive



meetings, readings, testimonies to Paul Puaux
videos projection.

Paul Puaux has left us. The Maison Jean-Vilar is orphaned. But this year, it is twenty years old - and its mission is to continue. During the 53rd Avignon Festival, and on public demand, the exhibition Familles de Scènes en Liberté (Family of Free Scenes), which retraces the history of the second period of the Théâtre Citoyen (The Citizen's Theatre), a very moving memory for some and very rich in discovery for others, will keep its doors open to the public. As a tribute to Paul Puaux, who founded the Maison Jean-Vilar and who was its soul, meetings, readings, personal accounts. According to his wishes, another exhibition will open to celebrate the center's twenty years. It will highlight the raison d'être of the center established in Avignon, in 1979 : to give Jean Vilar's work and his exemplary contributions to the theatre radiance. It has become a cultural centre recognized by all, as much in France as abroad: allowing the public - everyone - to discover the history of the Avignon Festival, the T.N.P. and those who helped create them, and to learn about the evolution of stage arts since the beginning of the twentieth century ; making available any related books, periodicals, works, iconography through its documentation centre. It will also show how, with the help of its partners, it succeeded in setting up over 100 exhibitions on the same theme and building a video library containing more than 900 titles. This wealth of documents is permanently available on request, to specialists, researchers, actors, directors, school and university students or to anyone interested in this aspect of our cultural heritage. Finally it will evoke the encounters it organized at all levels and how it answered hundreds of requests for contributions to exhibitions and events taking place in as various venues such as schools, theatres and community centres, having chosen the name Jean Vilar as a symbol and reference.Twenty years : an anniversary not to be missed. A tribute to all those who created the center. The threshold of a new age...


En collaboration avec : le département des arts du spectacle de la Bibliothèque nationale de France
Avec l'aide de : la ville d'Avignon, du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, du conseil régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur et du conseil général de Vaucluse
Expositions produites par : l'Association Jean Vilar
(prolongation de l'expositon 1998)

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