by Wladyslaw Znorko

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The 1999 archive

Wladyslaw Znorko


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Corrida, the latest work by Wladyslaw Znorko, is the tale of a voyage whose path effaces the destination. However, the final location is simply a return to roots, representing the threshold of the theatrical accomplishments of Cosmos Kolej, in this case, an invisible town, the town of Real de Quatorze in Mexico. An inaccessible town built at 3000 metres above sea level, hidden in a dip high in the mountains in the Sierra Madre desert, formerly a silver mining town with a theatre, an arena. The dreamer enters a tunnel in the rock and arrives in a magnificent town, abandoned at the beginning of the century, with a sparse population living among the vestiges of its former glory. The Corrida visitor comes out of the tunnel and is blinded by sunlight pouring down from the blue sky. The traveller, a woman, seeking her father and tracing the footsteps of another woman, comes to the arena to find nothing but shadows and vague shapes that are all that remain of a bull-fight. The young woman, hungry for truth and clarity, is confronted with men inebriated from the effects of alcohol, blood and sun.


stage direction Wladyslaw Znorko

Music : Christian Boissel
Sound : Bernard Valléry
Scenography : Wladyslaw Znorko
Assistant scenographer : Bernard Aujogue
Lighting : Richard Psourtseff
Costumes : Christian Burle
Cast : Angélique Ionatos (vocals), Antonella Amirante, Elisabeth Legillon, José Maria Sanchez, Emiliano Suarez
Musicians : Christian Boissel, Patrice Antonangelo, Jean-Michel Davis, Loïc Ervé et Jacques Peillon.


Coproduction : Espace Malraux-Scène nationale de Chambéry, Le Carreau-Scène nationale de Forbach.
Avec le concours de : l'Adami et l'aide de l'AFAA
La compagnie Cosmos Kolej est subventionnée par : le ministère de la Culture, la région Rhône-Alpes et la ville de Lyon