Bookings and rates

Provisional opening of the ticket office :

  • Saturday 5 June online

  • Saturday 12 June by phone

  • Tuesday 15 June at the box office

For groups

Associations, works councils, school groups, and communities wishing to procure tickets for their members can contact us at:


Holders of a disability card have access to specialised booking and personalised support, from 3 September at 2 p.m. To know more:

Access to the venues and seating

The following venues are numbered : Cour d’honneur du Palais des papes, Cour St Joseph, Opéra Confluence, Gymnase du Lycée Aubanel, Cloître des Carmes, Cloître des Célestins, Gymnase du lycée Mistral, La FabricA, la Chartreuse CNES de Villeneuve lez Avignon, Théâtre Benoît XII, Cour Minérale - Avignon Université, Gymnase du Lycée Saint Joseph, L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon - Vedène.
Seating will take into account health measures in effect at the time of the show.