Spectacle vivant en 2050 : Quels lieux face aux enjeux de production et de circulation des œuvres ?

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Act 2 of the prospective reflection on the performing arts in 2050: what will be the future of the performing arts venue? The issue is crucial for artists and audiences: what will be the transformation of venues in the face of the new challenges of creation and dissemination, and what will be the inclusion of audiences, as well as the impact of digital technology and the ecological imperative?

The performing arts venue in 2050. Which evolutions of the form of the representation? What transformations in venues and uses in response to digital tools and the ecological imperative? From the arena to the intimate venue, what size of venues and audiences?

With Olivier Atlan director of the MC Bourges, Marie-Pia Bureau director of the ONDA, Olivier Haber director of the Seine Musicale, Marc Jeancourt co-director of the Azimut / Théâtre Firmin Gémier, national circus centre, Adrien Mondot and Claire Bardainne of the Compagnie Adrien M et Claire B, Laëtitia Stagnara director of Gaîté Lyrique, Aurélie Van Den Daele director of the CDN Limousin, Théâtre de l'Union, David Wahl author, playwright, performer and artistic director of Incipit