Performing arts in 2050: Getting out of the venue?

  • Debates and meetings

Act 2 of the prospective reflection on the performing arts in 2050: what will be the future of the performing arts venue? The issue is crucial for artists and audiences: what transformation of venues in the face of the new challenges of creation and dissemination, what inclusion of audiences, what impact of digital technology and the ecological imperative?

The performing arts venue in 2050. The public space rather than the enclosed space? The virtual place as a complement to the real place? The third place in preference to the institution? From permanent to temporary venues? From season to festival, what temporality of place? In short, should we deconstruct the place, get out of it?

With Vincent Cavaroc, director of Halle Tropisme Montpellier, Yannick Marzin, director of MA Scène nationale - Pays de Montbéliard, Jean-Paul Montanari, director of Montpellier Danse, Jacques Renard of News Tank Culture, Paul Rondin, deputy director of the Avignon Festival, Sébastien Tézé producer, director of Les Films d'un jour, co-founder of Opsis TV, Philippe Delmas associate director of the Apollo Théâtre, Julia Vidit director of the Théâtre de la Manufacture - CDN Nancy-Lorraine, Élise Vigier actress and director, Théâtre des Lucioles.

Moderated by Romain Berrod and Bertrand Dicale