Les nationalismes en Europe : convergences et spécificités / Chers voisins ! De Sarajevo 1992 à Kiev 2022

  • Debates and meetings

This cycle follows the one organized by the Warm Foundation in Sarajevo. 30 years after the siege of the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a deluge of fire fell on the Ukrainian cities. Between neighbors, one can maintain good understanding and the union of communities or on the contrary, foment the worst hostilities. What interests, what speeches break the sisterhood and brotherhood? How can diversity nourish solidarity? Broadening the scope of this reflection to the whole of Europe means confronting the nationalisms at work on a daily basis, and opposing their deadly rhetoric with concrete practices on the scale of a neighborhood, a city or a country.

What brings together and distinguishes European nationalism and the extreme right-wing movements that are seizing power or even attempting to do so in the continent's consolidated democracies? As ultranationalist warfare has returned to Europe 30 years after Sarajevo, what does History tell us about what might happen tomorrow?

With Anne-Marie Thiesse, historian and author of "La Création des identités nationales. XVIIIe-XXe siècle"(Éditions du Seuil), Nicolas Lebourg historian and co-author of "Les Droites extrêmes en Europe", Jean-Arnault Dérens journalist specialized in the Balkans and the Caucasus

Moderated by Joseph Confavreux journalist at Mediapart and co-editor of the Revue du Crieur

En partenariat avec la Ville de Sarajevo, la Ville d’Avignon.
Avec la Fondation Warm, Mediapart / La Revue du Crieur, La Fonderie.

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