François Chaignaud et Geoffroy Jourdain, "t u m u l u s", press conference of the 19 July 2022

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t u m u l u s is an endless procession of thirteen bodies singing and dancing as part of a single practice, a single gesture. The result of a unique collaboration between François Chaignaud and Geoffroy Jourdain, director of the Cris de Paris, this project is the expression of the dream to feel and think dance and music together. This tumulus, at once mausoleum and landscape—between heaven and earth—becomes a playground for this community made up of diverse bodies in constant motion, celebrating life through what dies within them. Horizontality and verticality coexist, active and passive gestures move us, all against a backdrop of Renaissance polyphonic singing and contemporary choir. This unique alliance strives to create a new human and artistic adventure. Uninterested in historical reconstitution, the two artists invite us to enter a space where movement and breathing reflect here the “harmony of the spheres.”