"Extinction" by Julien Gosselin, extracts

  • Video extracts

The apocalypse, past and present. In the artistic sophistication and intellectual effervescence in the Vienna of the 1900s, Julien Gosselin shows us the total destruction of European art and Western civilisation. The aspiration to beauty and to an ideal clash with the naked brutality of the death drive. He showcases the individual standing at the end of a world, in an angry and defiant energy that can only lead to his own extinction… Since the creation of his company, Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur, Julien Gosselin has always focused on the collective. For Extinction, he brought in several actors and actresses of the Volksbühne, the legendary Berlin theatre, for an unprecedented collaboration. A show within a show unfolds before our eyes in the language of Arthur Schnitzler and Thomas Bernhard, at the crossroads between electronic music concert, total video installation, and a radical theatre of words.