Tamara Al Saadi

Giving oneself over to words and theatre or to political struggles? Tamara Al Saadi chooses both. As a French-Iraqi writer, actress, and director, her work is based as much on research in social sciences as on dramatic creation. A graduate of the school of political arts of Sciences Po Paris, she founded the company La Base with Mayya Sanbar and leads theatre workshops in secondary schools in Seine-Saint-Denis, in which she questions the process through which immigration builds community identity. She also co-founded MYST, an interdisciplinary collective whose research focuses on borders in modern conflicts, and is a member of the artistic ensemble of the Comédie de Saint-Etienne. In 2018, she was awarded the prix des Lycéens and the prix du Jury at the Festival Impatience.

Portrait of Tamara Al Saadi © Thomas Ledoux