Séverine Chavrier

From her education in literature and philosophy to her piano and musical analysis studies by way of many practical training periods on the stage, Séverine Chavier has keep a decided taste for the mixture of genres. As an actress or musician, she has continued to form collaborations with Rodolphe Burger, François Verret and Jean-Louis Martinelli, while running her own company, La Sérénade interrompue, with which she has developed a singular approach to stage direction, in which the theatre dialogues with the music, but also with the image and literature. Séverine Chavrier has built her expression from all sorts of materials: her actors' bodies, the sound of her prepared piano, the videos she often shoots herself, without forgetting words. Erratic words that she shapes by plunging into the universe of authors she especially likes. First with Hanokh Levin for Nuptials and Reprisals, then today with J. G. Ballard. In 2011, she was at the Festival d'Avignon in François Verret's show, Short Circuits, and in an improvised concert with Jean-Pierre Drouet.

 JFP, April 2012