Pippo Delbono

Pippo Delbono founded his company in 1986 with the actor Pepe Robledo. His aim was to put the world as it is on centre stage, in order to propose a transfigured vision of it that makes it possible to better understand it. Personal experiences, news items, narratives of life have enriched the Italian director's work. Influenced as much by Oriental theatre - which he practiced for a number of years - as by the choreographer Pina Bausch, he creates a theatre "of necessity", a theatre of truth, a theatre of body poetry that sometimes can take the form of a cabaret in which Pasolini and Beckett mingle with Tadeusz Kantor. His shows slip into all the cracks, in between all the contradictions of our society to break apart the imposed frames. There is rage, crudeness, provocation, but also an immense generosity in this imagined and invented work acted by a troupe that mixes professional actors and singular personalities who bring their poetic universe on stage. Simultaneously in the theatre and on its margins, Pippo Delbono throws light, in his way, on the world's complexities. Il Silenzio, Guerra and La Rabbia (2002), Enrico V and Urlo (2004), the Narratives of June (2006), were presented at the Festival d'Avignon.

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