Milo Rau

Swiss director Milo Rau creates a unique theatre at the crossroads between art, testimony, and political activism, which deals with wars, criminal trials, migratory flows, or family conflicts. He creates performance pieces and films with his production company International Institute of Political Murder. Whether he is dealing with the end of the Ceaucescu, the Rwandan genocide, the war in the Congo or the Dutroux affair, he makes the stage a place of experimentation and questioning, which testifies to a constant desire to confront reality by considering the moment of the performance as a catharsis. He became director of NTGent (the city theatre of Ghent, Belgium) in 2018, presenting La reprise. Histoire du théâtre (I) that same year at the Festival d’Avignon. Antigone in the Amazon is the last opus in his trilogy of ancient myths after the play Orestes in Mosul and the film The New Gospel. In 2023, he will become artistic director of the Wiener Festwochen.

Portrait of Milo Rau © Bea Borgers