Les Bâtards dorés

Méduse was awarded both the Jury and the Audience Prizes during the Festival Impatience in 2017, and the collective Les Bâtards dorés are giving the audience of the Festival d'Avignon the chance to discover this second creation. For their first show, Princes (2015), the five actors and the lighting designer, graduates of different drama schools—the Epsad in Lille, the Ensad in Montpellier, the ENSATT in Lyon, and the ESTBA in Bordeaux—already loosely adapted Dostoevsky's The Idiot to tell the story of a lost community. They love to use non-dramatic texts exploring human nature to place the reader/audience at the very heart of the dramatic act, of the decision-making process.  

Portrait of Les Bâtards dorés © Collectif Bâtards Dorés