Jean-François Peyret

After 10 years of work devoted to creating, with Jean Jourdheuil, shows based on Shakespeare, Montaigne, Lucretius and especially Heiner Müller, Jean-François Peyret, an academic, translator and director, created in 1995 his company tf2. Then began an original itinerary that consisted in proposing a contemporary theatre using philosophical texts or scientific questions to better understand the living by putting the scientific imagination in contact with that of the theatre. Taking an interest in the figures of science, Galileo, Darwin, Turing, Sophie Kovalevski, he proposes interdisciplinary poetic musings, using the most advanced technologies on the stage, to reflect and perhaps take possession again of a world that seems to elude us. He already presented, at the Festival d'Avignon, with Jean Jourdheuil, Cervantes Interludes in 1983, The Müller Case I, II, III in 1994, then premiered The Case of Sophie K in 2005.

JFP, April 2013.