Groupe F

Groupe F considers the sky, heritage and the environment natural settings for its theatre. From the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens to the Pont du Gard bridge, from the pools in Versailles to Dubai, its creations have delighted spectators the world over on many and multiple occasions. Its members put their pyrotechnical and lighting art and their mastery of events tools at the service of monumental fireworks, but also blazing poetic creations. Through their new, more intimate projects, “topo-fictions”, these alchemists of light interpret the territories they tread whose lighting they are in charge of, transfiguring landscapes familiar to the public to reveal their unsuspected mysteries. Established in the middle of the Camargue, in Mas-Thibert in the Arles commune, Groupe F brings together multiple talents from the four corners of the planet to create a common language around fire and to make it the unexpected tool of a visual writing, a spectacular dramaturgy so that magic appears during the large-scale artistic festivals open to everyone. On the terrain of the future FabricA, on 26 May 2012, Groupe F presented En Avant! on the eve of the construction site's start-up.

RB, April 2013.