François Tanguy

François Tanguy's theatre career is inseparably linked with that of his company the Théâtre du Radeau with which he has invented all his creations since 1982. Genuine ongoing research on theatre performance, constantly renewed questioning of “the possibilities of dramaturgy”, the issue here is art and not communication, playful curiosity and not entertainment. A theatre art claimed as such, theatre where one must “be together” to visit theatre time and place. Each work by François Tanguy and the Théâtre du Radeau is the result of a patient and collective approach, comprised of a search for texts, music and acting improvisation, which explains why the creations are so few in number. From Mystère Bouffe (Grub Mystery) in 1986 to Ricercar in 2007, a unique body of work is offered to us, a work that slowly makes its way forward. Jeu de Faust (Faust Game, 1987), Woyzek-Büchner, fragments forains (Woyzek-Büchner, Fairground fragments, 1989), Chant du bouc (Goat Song, 1991), Choral (1994), Bataille du Tagliamento (Battle of the Tagliamento, 1996), Orphéon (1998), Les Cantates (2001) and Coda (2004) are so many phases, so many evaluations of a research that constantly intertwines all the elements of theatre performance.

François Tanguy © Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne