Fabrice Murgia

A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Liège, the actor and director Fabrice Murgia directed his first show with his company Artara in 2009. It's Le Chagrin des Ogres (The Sorrow of Ogres) that turned him into a noted director, whose unique path makes him stand out in the world of the theatre. He often uses original forms that incorporate new technologies in order to discuss generational themes, and works with a group of collaborators who complement one another: actors, performers, plastic artists, musicians, and video artists. After Life: Reset/Chronique d'une ville épuisée (Chronicle of an Exhausted City), he directed Dieu est un DJ (God is a DJ), based on a text by Falk Richter. In 2012, he created three new shows: Exils (Exiles), which reveals this sentiment shared by a generation to exist outside “a life and a way of thinking that would be their own,” Les Enfants de Jéhovah (Jehovah's Children), about the brainwashing to which cults subject their members, and Ghost Road, about those who choose to live “outside civilisation.” A common thread runs through all those shows, explored in a different way with each new project: loneliness. Loneliness will again be at the heart of Our Fear Of (Not) Being, the loneliness of those young adults who have chosen to live cut off from the rest of the world, alone in front of their computer screens, in order to escape the ever-increasing brutality of society. Fabrice Murgia presented this show at the 68th edition of the Festival d’Avignon. In 2016, he was named director of the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

JFP, April 2014

Portrait of Fabrice Murgia ⓒ Laëtitia Paillé