Élise Vigier

An actress and director, Élise Vigier trained at the school of the Théâtre national de Bretagne. In 1994, she founded the collective Les Lucioles with her class. Since 2015, she has been associate artist with the Comédie de Caen CDN de Normandien, and from 2017 to 2019 she was associate artist with the Maison des Arts in Créteil. Élise Vigier has co-directed many shows with Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, including M comme Méliès (which won the Best Show for Young Audiences Molière in 2019) and Buster Keaton. She has a particularly significant interest in contemporary writers. In 2017, she adapted and directed James Baldwin’s novel Just Above My Head; in 2019, Avedon-Baldwin : entretiens imaginaires, and in 2021, Leslie Kaplan’s Le monde et son contraire.

Portrait d'Élise Vigier © Vladimir Vasilev