David Geselson

With his long experience in cinema and theatre, David Geselson has carefully crafted a career as a director, writer, and actor. After working under the direction of Elie Wajeman, François Ozon, Rodolphe Tissot, and Vincent Garanq, he recently appeared on the stage of the Cour d’honneur du Palais des papes in The Cherry Orchard, directed by Tiago Rodrigues. After four works freely inspired by actual events (En Route-Kaddish, Doreen, Lettres non-écrites, Le Silence et la peur), he’s now coming to the Festival d’Avignon to present his latest fiction. “Up until now, I’ve always chosen to make fiction out of biographies that had an impact on History, and which History impacted in turn.” 

Portrait of David Geselson © Simon Gosselin