Clara Le Picard

After studying literature, Clara Le Picard joined the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs, where she studied direction, acting, and singing. Following her graduation, she started working as a scenographer on shows by Cécile Backès, Jean Lacornerie, and Bruno Lajara. In 2005, she founded the Compagnie À table and released two albums with the rock band JOURS, which she created with Frédéric Nevchehirlian. Clara Le Picard has written, directed, and performed in many shows, among others EL in 2003, Du bruit (Noise) in 2004, and L'Endroit de l'objet, solo pour comédienne et vidéoprojecteur (The Right Side of the Object, a play for one actress and a video projector) in 2008. She uses her alter ego Martine Schmurpf to explore the relationship between man and objects in seemingly serious gatherings about the cult of consumption in which she invites herself into people's homes. In 2010, La Science objective de Martine Schmurpf (The Objective Science of Martine Schmurpf) was adapted into a radio play, before Martine Schmurpf split into two for Cooking with Martines Schmurpfs, in 2012. Clara Le Picard, always living on the edge of fiction, created All Bovarys in 2015, in order to understand, through the filter of timeless stories, the way our contemporary societies work.

Portrait of Clara Le Picard © Anne Meillon