Caroline Guiela Nguyen

After studying sociology and the performing arts, Caroline Guiela Nguyen joined the school of the Théâtre nationale de Strasbourg. Three years later, she founded the company Les Hommes Approximatifs to work on the life stories of people who usually don’t appear on theatre stages. Her plays are based on real, personal stories, and call on actors, both professional and amateur, from various social, geographical, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds. SAIGON played in Avignon in 2017 for the 71st edition of the Festival. FRATERNITY, a fantastic tale is the second part of her FRATERNITY cycle, which includes two other creations: the short film Les Engloutis (The Drowned) (2021), and the show L’Enfance, la Nuit (Childhood at Night), which will premiere at the Schaubühne in 2022.

Portrait of Caroline Guiela Nguyen © Manuel Braun