Arthur Nauzyciel

It was his encounter with Antoine Vitez, at the École du Théâtre National de Chaillot, that resolutely brought Arthur Nauzyciel into the world of theatre, whereas his University education would have naturally led him to the plastic arts and cinema. He became an actor, then an associate artist at the CDDB -Théâtre de Lorient, where he founded his own company, Compagnie 41751/Arthur Nauzyciel. Right from his first show, The Imaginary Invalid or the Silence of Molière, he has been offering his strong and unquestionably disturbing vision of classic works that we all know today. This shifting of texts to territories where they are not expected, marks the entire body of Arthur Nauzyciel's work, who decides to anchor his theatre in other realms prohibiting the simple reproduction of style or technique. He regularly works in the United States, where he successively premiered, in Atlanta, Black Battles with Dogs and Roberto Zucco, giving these two works by Koltès translated into English new strength, dangerousness and violence. Then, he presented in Boston Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, immersed into the Kennedy years. In Dublin, he presented The Image by Beckett, showed Heroes' Square by Bernhard at the Comédie Française, before tackling the writing of Kaj Munk (Ordet), by Marie Darrieussecq, when he staged her first play, The Sea Museum, at the National Theatre of Iceland. Later, he presented Jan Karski (My Name is a Lie), by Yannick Haenel. In 2011, in Rouen, he staged Red Waters, the first opera composed by the Lady & Bird duo (Keren Ann Zeidel and Bardi Johannsson). He was invited to create in 2012, Abigail's Party by Mike Leigh at the National Theatre of Oslo. Director of the Centre Dramatique National in Orléans since 2007, Arthur Nauzyciel continues to work for a theatre that speaks about today, without ever forgetting the shadows of the past. Apart from participating several times at the Festival as an actor, he presented his work at the Festival d'Avignon, with Black Battles with Dogs in 2006, Ordet in 2008 and Jan Karski (My Name is a Lie) in 2011.

 JFP, April, 2012