Anaïs Muller

After graduating respectively from the Théâtre national de Bretagne in 2008 and from the Théâtre national de Strasbourg in 2009, Anaïs Muller and Bertrand Poncet collaborated on many shows as performers before founding the Shindô company, based in Arles. Together, they like to explore new theatrical forms and to play with the usual codes of drama. In 2017, they launched the adventure of an opus in multiple parts, “Les Traités de la perdition” (“The Treatises of perdition”). After Un jour j’ai rêvé d’être toi and Là où je croyais être il n’y avait personne, they are already working on the next adventures of their heroes Ange and Bert.

Portrait of Anaïs Muller © Alexandre Quentin - Festival d'Avignon