Amala Dianor

After a career as a hip hop dancer, Amala Dianor joined the École supérieure du Centre national de la danse contemporaine in Angers in 2000. He then worked as a performer for choreographers with unique sensibilities such as Régis Obadia, Aïcha M’Barek, Hafiz Dahou, and Emmanuel Gat... He founded his own company in 2012 to pursue his formal research on movement. At the crossroads between several styles, his dance-fusion hybridises forms and explores a poetics of alterity. The Falling Stardust, his 2019 show for nine dancers, is still touring. And Siguifin, a project which shows his commitment to the training of pre-professional dancers in France and in West Africa, should soon start touring after the pandemic.

Portrait of Amala Dianor © Jérome Bonnet