J'y suis, j'en suis : registration is now open !


Until 31th march 2021

En réponse aux séjours lycéens développés par la région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, qui souhaitent rapprocher les établissements lointains d’Avignon du Festival, les Centres de jeunes et de séjours du Festival d’Avignon ouvrent un séjour en externat pour les jeunes de la ville.

Group photo during the Semaine d'Art en Avignon (2020) © CDJSFA

J'y suis, j'en suis

In response to the stays for secondary school students organised by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, which aren’t open to students from Avignons, the CDJSFA welcome the city’s youths (college and secondary school students, apprentices, and individuals aged 12 to 17), either in groups led by teachers or individually.

The idea is to allow these inhabitants of Avignon to discover or to experience this major Festival of contemporary creation in a different way.

Tentative schedules allow young festivalgoers to register for a day or for all four days. They are welcome inside the collège Vernet, within the city’s ramparts, a central location ideal for activities but also to access the various shows, and chosen for its conviviality.

This educational project is conceived and implemented by militants from the Ceméa, in partnership with the Festival d’Avignon and takes place within the legal framework of a community centre.

In 2019, the project “J’y suis, j’en suis” (“I’m here, I’m in”) took place from 8 to 11 July and brought together almost 110 youths from the collèges Lou Vignarès, Viala, Alpilles-Durance, Mistral, Roumanille and Vernet, and the lycées Vincent de Paul, Jean Vilar, Pasteur, Schumann et Philippe de Girard.  

To know more:
contact@cdjsf-avignon.fr or serviceeducatif@festival-avignon.com